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Concrete can be persuaded to take on any shape or color. SA Decorative Concrete and Design in Myrtle Beach, SC offers every client a design that is thoughtfully handcrafted and unique. Whether it is a decorative concrete design on a driveway, a backyard slab, or a commercial floor, there will be none quite like it.
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Concrete is one of the most beautiful means of expression available. Derived from earthen materials, concrete is perfect for capturing the organic designs that we enjoy creating. SA Decorative Concrete and Design strives to express our artistic vision as much as possible in all of our projects while incorporating the client's idea as well. Most times this is done with hand sketches, and verbal descriptions and each piece are painstakingly designed with utmost consideration to aesthetics, structural integrity, and logistics.
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Concrete has passed the test of time. Since its inception, concrete has continued to evolve, allowing us the advanced design capabilities of today. Barring some seriously catastrophic event, your concrete art will last many lifetimes.
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